Customer Care

Reliable Care at Home

There are invaluable advantages of being able to stay at home for the elderly or infirm. With the proper care, maintaining their normal environment will benefit their individuality, independence and daily routine in the comfort of their home. A familiar setting can be vital to their personal and emotional well-being.

Understanding Client's Needs

Acolytes Home Health Care, LLC understands the need for service that requires few hours or up to 24 hours depending on our client's needs. Rest assured, with our flexible program we will meet this requirement. Our fully trained caregivers are dedicated to meet a variety of this client's needs. With a 24 hour hotline, our staffs are always available to offer extended support.

Customizing Client Care

Nobody knows the care that is needed by a client better than their own family. That is why here in Acolytes Home Health Care, LLC we value feedbacks made by the client, their own families and even friends. Couple with the expertise of our qualified and experienced personnel, we develop this individualized Service Plan that is customized to meet their needs.

Assessing Client's Needs

In-home assessments provide the basis for a positive and mutually beneficial relationship between our agency and the client/client's representative. This is a critical component in our Service Delivery Process.

The clients will be personally interviewed in the comfort of their own home in order to determine the best suitable service he/she requires. This allows the client the opportunity to be fully involved during this process.

Clients are welcome to have a family member or a friend present during this assessment for guidance and support.

Developing Service Plan

Providing service to a client has never been better without the feedback from both client and families. With all this information gathered together with their physician evaluation, we develop a Service Plan that is patterned on the needs of the client. Our experience Nursing Evaluator will incorporate all this information into a Service Plan and be discussed with the clients. All Service Plan will not be implemented with out the approval of the client/clients representative.